John H Porter

Bassist and Teacher

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Based in the Maidenhead/Slough/Windsor area of the UK, I work freelance in both live and recording sessions both nationally and abroad.

I’m known as a ‘doubler’ which means I’m called to use both double bass and electric bass on the same gig - switching between the two depending on the song or style of music as required.

My freelance work involves playing in many different styles from classical and jazz, big band, musical theatre,sessions,jazz gigs, salsa and just about everything else in between.

My double bass is a full size 5-string which I use for both arco and pizzicato work.

My electric basses are 6 - strings that have been custom built for me by my highly skilled luthier, Jon Shuker. His website can be found at

Sight-reading and the ability to improvise in a wide spectrum of styles has enabled me to maintain a 27 year + career.

I also pass these skills and experience on to my private students.